Send RFQ's

Send your vendors categorized RFQ's from your website.

Sending RFQ's right from your website has never been easier! Simply Create an RFQ just like an email then select the service category you want quoted like Stainless Steel bars, Sub contract machining or Anodizing and click "Send". You can create as many service categories you need. In each service category you can add vendors to any of the service categories they provide to you. With Easy RFQ. there is the ability to attach multiple files which makes this a powerful tool.

For a limited time Easy RFQ is included with all website design packages. Easy RFQ's allows your vendors to modify the RFQ service categories they are listed in, so the system is self maintained.


  • Unlimited Vendors
  • Unlimited RFQ Categories
  • Multiple File Attachments
  • Track who opened your RFQ's

We will setup your Easy RFQ system FREE with sample services categories you will need plus sample data that you can modify. You will be able to create your own services categories for any type of product or service you need quoted. With RFQ manager you can also create and send company newsletters to your customers and vendors. News letters can also be automatically added to a company news page.


The Easy RFQ system is used for sending your RFQ's and tracking who opened them and when they opened your RFQ. Easy RFQ does not track pricing or reply's, your vendor will reply to you as they normally do.