Ideas and Solutions

Website Design for small manufacturers. Online Quotes, RFQ distribution system, save time and money sending RFQ's.

business solutionsWe utilizes the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) that has proven to be a very reliable platform.

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Joomla! allows webmasters to control the look and feel of a website from an administrative control panel. There are many applications available for Joomla! and can be added to your web site anytime. We have built a few manufacturing websites and learned quite a bit in the process. Knowing the power of this platform we have created a mix for manufacturing companies that can actually save companies time and money. In fact, companies that individually Fax out RFQ's on a daily basis using printed paper saved more money in the first 6 months than they paid for their new Joomla! web site!

By using the Joomla! platform, a powerful content management system, we have been creative in designing and managing manufacturing websites. Joomla! is the most used CMS in the world and is getting more popular every day. Joomla! is php database the is made up of components and modules that you integrate into your website and make it an interactive experience for your visitors.

We have created a mix of components and modules that work together to make interactive manufacturing websites.

Sending RFQ's

Sending RFQ's has never been easier! It's as simple as creating an email then selecting a category for your RFQ e.g. "Aluminum Bar" or "Centerless Grinding" could be one of many categories that you send out for pricing. You will also have the ability to attach multiple files to any RFQ. Once you have completed the requirements in your RFQ just click send!

Your RFQ will be sent by email to anyone in the services group (aluminum bars ect...) You will be able to track who has opened the quote in real time.

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