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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of fine tuning a web site to improve its rank in search engines where your prospective customers perform a Web search. Since search engines are the primary way that new customers find out about your company, it is vital that search engine optimization be part of your marketing strategy.

You want eyes on your web site. People can't buy what they don't see. However, traffic is not the only goal. You want good traffic. That means you want to be indexed in the search engines and you want that listing to be as clear as possible. Search engines will only show a few words in their listings. It is up to the web designer to assure that those words describe your sight in a way that attracts visitors...the right visitors. 

In fact, we believe that it is so important that we have designed our web development system around it. It may be more interesting to look at color pictures to envision the look of your web site, but experience has taught us that the content of your web site will determine if your efforts are successful. With our website designs you won't need to wonder if your business will be ranking high in the search engines.

Real Time Examples

Search on the term "cnc machine shop in PA" in Google and you should find a manufacturing company website listed on the first page. This is one of our clients.

Search on the term" industrial cams" you should find a website this is also a client of ours that manufactures all types of industrial cams for the packaging industry and automated machinery also found on the first page of Google.

 After a web site redesign along with search engine optimization to target their core markets, AllCams and RGS Machine both enjoy #1 through #10 in search engine rankings for over 5 different high-traffic search terms and their web site traffic has increased by 500%! This is a perfect example of how a modest investment in a carefully structured web site design can pay huge returns for industrial, marketing, and B2B businesses.

Even in this age when virtually everyone uses search engines to find what they’re looking for, most owners of industrial and manufacturing firms still believe that search engine optimization is not a concern for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Search engines aren't just a way for people to find the nearest Restaurant or the cheapest price on a flat screen TV. The fact is businesses are also using search engines to research, compare, and ultimately make purchase decisions for major industrial and manufacturing items. If your web site is not optimized for search engines, then you are deliberately hiding your company from where the greatest source of potential customers are searching.

We currently have a number of steps that each of our web sites must conform to. These steps have proven to be effective at improving the search engine rankings of many sites that have had difficulty attracting new visitors. Our process has proven itself time and time again, whether they are applied to new sites or whether we are contracted to improve the position of web sites that have been around for years.


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The examples shown above are not guaranteed for any website. However this does show that we don't just talk about getting your site ranked like some of the other SEO companies, we have the ability to do it.